Joint Management Action of the European Community with the United Nations Environment Programme / Mediterranean Action Plan for identifying and creating Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance in the open seas, including the deep seas

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To facilitate the process of consultation and coordination, it is planned to set up ad hoc working groups for each considered areas. The working groups will be made of representatives from the countries neighbouring on the concerned area and the RAC/SPA will be responsible for facilitating work of these working groups.

This working methodology aims at enhancing the governance of the areas that lie in the open seas using a sub-regional or local approach, organising skills networks between the neighbouring Parties concerned or making use of existing networks and initiatives, in order to ensure the conservation of the biodiversity of these areas and guarantee the sustainable use of their marine resources.

The aim of this approach is first and foremost to facilitate starting up a preparatory process of reflection that will enable the neighbouring countries of the concerned area to consult each other on creating a SPAMI in the open sea area and preparing the report/s presenting the site/s identified as candidate/s for inclusion in the SPAMI List.

The operational aims of these working groups are:

- ensuring coordination and follow-up of the activities to be carried on between the concerned Parties on a suitable scale, to attain the overall aim of preparing a presentation report

- facilitating the national consultation process that must be done at country scale, by circulating information at the level of the Focal Point or his/her representative on how the process is advancing

- initiating sustainable consultation dynamics between the neighbouring Parties concerned; the dynamics must continue after the project is over, especially as regards implementing the measures to manage the area

- developing a pilot experience in the Mediterranean that can be replicated in other priority conservation areas that lie in the open seas and were identified during the first phase of the initiative.

These working groups will be given responsibility for the activities needed to prepare the presentation reports.

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