Joint Management Action of the European Community with the United Nations Environment Programme / Mediterranean Action Plan for identifying and creating Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance in the open seas, including the deep seas

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The activities to be carried out during the second phase of the project are described below. For these activities, each working group could be supported by a team of experts.


Analysis of the legal context of the considered site

Legal experts will be identified to compile international or regional legal provisions or instruments in force in the considered areas. These analyses will also take into consideration the sub-regional and bilateral agreements in force (related for example to the pipelines or the submarine cables).

Organising the collecting of information

Experts will be identified to collect, on the basis of the existing bibliography, data on the area (geographic location, physical, hydrological and ecological features, socio-economic-data) justifying its importance for the Mediterranean. Where needed, oceanographic surveys will be conducted to provide further details and evidence as for the physical and ecological features of the candidate areas.

Preliminary definition of the limits of the considered sites

On the basis of the data collected, the experts will propose to the working group a definition of the limits of the site/s that are potentially candidate/s for inclusion in the SPAMI List, taking into account if necessary the definition of ecological corridors.

Preparing the presentation report

On the basis of the previous activities, the working groups, supported by the experts, will prepare the presentation report/s for the areas proposed for inclusion in the SPAMI List, following the format adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention.