Joint Management Action of the European Community with the United Nations Environment Programme / Mediterranean Action Plan for identifying and creating Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance in the open seas, including the deep seas

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The following technical reports were published during the first phase of the initiative:



Overview of scientific findings and criteria relevant to identifying SPAMIs in the Mediterranean open seas, including the deep seas (UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA, 2010. By Notarbartolo di Sciara, G. and Agardy, T. Ed. RAC/SPA, Tunis: 71pp)

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Fisheries conservation and vulnerable ecosystems in the Mediterranean open seas, including the deep seas (UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA, 2010. By de Juan, S. and Lleonart, J. Ed. RAC/SPA, Tunis: 103pp)

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Report presenting a georeferenced compilation on bird important areas in the Mediterranean open seas (UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA, 2010. By Requena, S. and Carboneras, C. Ed. RAC/SPA, Tunis: 39pp)

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Technical report on the Geographical Information System developed for Mediterranean Open Seas (UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA, 2010. By Requena, S. Ed. RAC/SPA, Tunis: 50pp)

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International legal instruments applied to the conservation of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean region and actors responsible for their implementation and enforcement (UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA, 2010. By Ben Salem, M. Ed. RAC/SPA, Tunis: 35pp)

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Report of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Focal Points for Specially Protected Areas (Istanbul, Turkey, 1st June 2010 - UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/5)
Map of the priority conservation areas in the open seas, including the deep seas, likely to contain sites that could be candidates for the SPAMI List